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Uninsured Motorist Coverage-What Is It, Part II?


The last article generally touched on automobile insurance and the various coverage options available with an emphasis on the complexities and pitfalls of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.  This article will serve as Part II of the discussion on Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage aka UM coverage.

Our Civil Justice System-The Best There Is!

It is often said that “The Devil is in the details”.  Such would seem to be the case with the constant barrage of misinformation about civil litigation that typically emanates from the insurance industry or big business.  According to statistics, the picture that emerges about civil litigation is very different than what one might imagine from those that seek to criticize the American civil jus

What is Tort Law?

During election seasons there is typically a lot of chatter about Louisiana’s “tort” law. This is usually a hot button issue that is tossed about without any real substantive discussion about what it is exactly that is meant by a “tort”. What is a tort? The word “tort’ has a Latin origin and simply means a violation of a legal duty owed by one to another that arises by operation of law.

Trespass-Hunting Season

With duck season and other hunting seasons about to be in full swing, now seems like an appropriate time to discuss the issue of trespass.  When people think of trespass, they usually think of it in the context of being a criminal act.  Indeed, the act of trespass is deemed a criminal act in Louisiana.  However, trespass is not just a criminal act and punishable as such, but trespass is also co

What happens when you buy a lemon?

Louisiana has laws to protect consumers when buying a vehicle that is considered a “lemon”. In Louisiana, sellers and/or manufacturers are bound by an implied warranty that the vehicle is free of hidden defects and is reasonably fit for the buyers intended use.

Swimming Pool Liability

Many factors must be considered in determining liability for injury resulting from the use of a swimming pool.  Generally speaking, a property owner is only liable for injury upon a showing that the owner or custodian knew or,  in the exercise of reasonable care,  should have known of a vice or defect with the pool which caused the injury, that the injury could have been prevented by the exerci


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