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Stop the Madness

Stop the madness! By now you have seen all the gimmicky attorney ads with their gimmick phone numbers which are, ironically, intended to somehow convince you that the attorney is worthy of your trust. Does it really make sense to place your trust in an attorney that resorts to gimmicks to provoke you to call? Of course not. Your claim is a serious matter, not a gimmick. Sadly, any attorney can get you fifty cents on the dollar. It takes a trustworthy and experienced attorney to get you what you deserve.

One simple phone call can change your life. The Simon family has been providing legal services to Acadiana for over 70 years. Let that sink in. Imagine the countless number of clients whose lives we have helped restore over the course of 70 years. Indeed, imagine the enormous amount of money we have recovered for our clients over the course of 70 years. The Simon family of lawyers were born and raised in Acadiana and have dedicated our lives to helping our fellow citizens. Helping others is what we do.

Over the course of more than 70 years, the Simon family has accomplished a great deal. Minos Simon, God rest his soul, started the legal tradition back in 1946 that continues to this very day. Recognized as a Living Legend because of his legal accomplishments and voted Best Aggressive Attorney in Acadiana, he set the stage for Cle’ to follow in his footsteps. At Simon Law Offices, we have embraced the tradition and continue to accomplish great things for our clients. Not only have we embraced the tradition at Simon Law Offices, but as a lifetime member of both the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for having obtained settlements or verdicts exceeding a million and multi-millions, I have been recognized as being among the top trial lawyers in all of America. Indeed, Minos Simon's legacy continues...

Whether handling landmark cases with national implications and resulting in the largest jury award of its’ kind in Louisiana’s history or the more typical maritime or auto accident cases, I work tirelessly every day to keep and earn the trust of our clients. To me, our clients are not merely a number, our clients are a priority which is why when you call upon Simon Law Offices, you will speak to and meet with an actual attorney whose last name is Simon. That is right, when you call Simon Law Offices you will personally meet with an attorney regarded as one of the top trial attorneys in America, because you deserve nothing less.

One call can really change your life. Don’t fall for gimmicks or gamble on your attorney when so much is at stake. You can call another law firm, but why would you? I am Clé Simon.. Call now and let our specialized legal knowledge and experience change your life.