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What is Tort Law?

During election seasons there is typically a lot of chatter about Louisiana’s “tort” law. This is usually a hot button issue that is tossed about without any real substantive discussion about what it is exactly that is meant by a “tort”. What is a tort? The word “tort’ has a Latin origin and simply means a violation of a legal duty owed by one to another that arises by operation of law.

Auto Accident.. What Should You Do?

Better safe than sorry! The best advice I can give when involved in an auto accident is to first dial 911 to report the accident, seek appropriate medical attention and then promptly contact a trustworthy attorney.. the significance of doing each cannot be overemphasized!

Stop the Madness

Stop the madness! By now you have seen all the gimmicky attorney ads with their gimmick phone numbers which are, ironically, intended to somehow convince you that the attorney is worthy of your trust. Does it really make sense to place your trust in an attorney that resorts to gimmicks to provoke you to call? Of course not. Your claim is a serious matter, not a gimmick.

What happens when you buy a lemon?

Louisiana has laws to protect consumers when buying a vehicle that is considered a “lemon”. In Louisiana, sellers and/or manufacturers are bound by an implied warranty that the vehicle is free of hidden defects and is reasonably fit for the buyers intended use.

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