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Tort Reform - REAL OR HOAX?

Tort reform has been the rallying cry of the insurance industry and big business for decades. Simply put, tort reform is an unwarranted assault on our civil justice system and an encroachment on the civil liberties of every citizen. It is always falsely presented as necessary to reduce insurance premiums.

Saints Lawsuit

Our suit is pending in Eastern District Federal Court and the public outcry has been deafening... changes are coming! Read Lawsuit Here

Stop the Madness

Stop the madness! By now you have seen all the gimmicky attorney ads with their gimmick phone numbers which are, ironically, intended to somehow convince you that the attorney is worthy of your trust. Does it really make sense to place your trust in an attorney that resorts to gimmicks to provoke you to call? Of course not. Your claim is a serious matter, not a gimmick.

What Are Special Damages?

What are Special Damages?
As noted in the previous article, Tort damages fall into two main broad categories....general damages and special damages. The previous article discussed general damages. This article will focus on special damages.

What Are General Damages?

What Are General Damages?

As noted previously, damages resulting from the wrongful actions of another fall under two broad categories, general damages and special damages.  General damages are inherently speculative given the nature of their purpose….indemnification for injuries suffered.

Private Parking Lots And Backing Motorists

Private Parking Lots And Backing Motorists            


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